Registration process will be done trough our website. Web site is full functional since AM2016 and we have tried everything by then to be sure that we do not have any problems.

The Organizing Committee guarantee that every NMO will have 16 delegates, 8 for early registrations and 8 for late registrations for the GA. Please note that early registration can not be accepted if dele-gate finish registration after deadline for early registration.

Additionally he Organizing Committee of a General Assembly Meeting guarantee early registration fee participation for:
1. All IFMSA Officials outside the NMO quota
2. All IFMSA staff members,
3. One representative from each IFMSA Programs outside the NMO quota,
4. Two members from the hosting National Member Organization of the AM2017
5. The coordinator from each IFMSA Task Force, outside the NMO quota.
6. Ten support persons appointed by the Executive Board, outside the NMO quota,
7. Six support persons appointed by the Standing Committee Directors, outside the NMO quota,
8. Two plenary team members, outside the NMO quota

The Organizing Committee of a General Assembly Meeting guarantee late registration fee participation for:

1. One member of each standing committee outside the NMO quota and according to the NMO category.

2. Up to 3 late registration spots for members of the Financial Committee
3. Five late registration spots for the Support Persons of the RDs

Note: All NMO delegates need to be approved by the respective NMO Presidents: before the early registration deadline and before the late registration deadline. Respective NMO Presidents will be provided with a tool to approve delegates on the website. Later substitutions and changes of delegates are possible depending on the announces conditions of the Organizing Committee.

Registration period

Early registration

Opens on Saturday, 5th November 2016 at 00:01 GTM
Closes on Thursday, 15th December 2016 at 23:59 GTM

Late registration

Opens on Friday, 16th December 2016 at 00:01 GTM
Closes on Sunday, 15th January 2017 at 23:59 GTM

PreGA deadline 19th December at 23:59 GMT. Link to register:

Substitutions and cancellations

Cancellations before 20th January 2017—Full refund
Cancellations before 30th January 2017—50% refund
Cancellations after 1st February 2017—no refund

Substitutions available before 1st February 2017 at 23:59 GTM

Registration fees

Early registration Late registration
A and B category NMOs 115 € 220 €
C and D category NMOs 220 € 390 €
E and F category NMOs 290 € 500 €
Pre GA 200 €
Post GA 180 €
Externals 500 €

Please note that delegates from C/D category must pay an additional 10 EUR to TAF. Please note that delegates from E/F category must pay an additional 25 EUR to TAF. Extra delegates beyond the quotas listed, must pay an additional tax of 25 EUR for the IFMSA Central Budget.
Observers and Alumni will pay late registration fee of their respective NMO. 

Deadline for early registration payment is 20th December 2016.
Deadline for late registration payment is 20th January 2017.
The Organizing Committee will send an Invoice to every NMO after establishing final number of participants.
NMOs who are unable to make online or bank transfers, the Organizing Committee will sign an online contract for cash payment after the respective registration deadlines.